Studying Theology in Australia

Australia, though a melting pot of many nationalities and religions, is a predominantly Christian-influenced country.

Theology colleges specialising in pure theology courses such as the likes of Sydney’s Moore Theological College, Australia College of Theology and Melbourne’s Churches of Christ Theological College prepare students for a future role in being pastors, church ministers and counsellors in a Christian context.

There are also Christian and Catholic colleges and universities in Australia that may offer science, arts, healthcare and other courses along with its theology courses, religious curriculum and seminary programs. Before applying for a theology program in Australia, it is important to understand the main Christian denomination and pathways of the theology courses offered by the theological institution.

Types of courses and awards for theology programs

Most Australian’s theology colleges, bible colleges and universities offer accredited full-time, part-time, distance theology courses, online theology courses and short theology courses.

Certificate and diploma courses in theology and divinity studies are often delivered as distance learning or online theology courses. These online theology courses and distance theology courses aim to provide a better understanding and foundation towards biblical studies and worship before the progress to higher education in theology studies.

Undergraduate and postgraduate theology courses and degrees allow for students interested in divinity and theological studies to delve deeper into research and coursework studies, where there are also opportunities to undergo seminary and parish work opportunities.  

Cost of studying theology in Australia

The cost of studying theology in Australia for local and domestic students is comparable to that of a basic certificate, diploma or degree course. Financial assistance such as FEE-HELP and Austudy may apply for eligible theology courses, distance learning theology courses and online theology courses.

International students are also welcomed to consider and undertake theology courses, though it is important to ensure that these theology courses are CRICOS-approved for international students. International students are required to pay full-fees for their theology courses and programs.