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Established in 1982, CATC Design School (previously known as Commercial Arts Training College) is now one of Australia’s largest private vocational design schools with courses available in the fields of graphic design, interior design and photography. At CATC the focus is on the individual student, industry relevance and new ideas. Lecturers at CATC Design School are industry practitioners and vastly experienced in their areas of expertise. With full-time, part-time and distance learning options available, students have every opportunity to become leading designers or photographers. CATC Design School teaches project based practical and hands-on skills in a studio environment. Campuses are located in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and the Gold Coast, or study online from anywhere in Australia.

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For course and enrolment information please visit the CATC website or call 1300 66 11 11 to speak to a Course and Careers Adviser.
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If you can help it i would choose another Institution to study with . I have been nothing short of dissapointed with them. They are happy to take your money but then if you ever need them they are nowhere to be found. They continually change the course structure and request you pay more money. Its already 10 thousand a year and cause they decided to change it they asked me to pay another 7. Im upset that my dream of finally studying has been shot down due to lack of care and taking advantage of their "students". Go through a university of someone more reputable.
This school is honestly a joke! I just completed my diploma of interior design and not only is this course a rip off the lecturers are all to busy with their outside jobs to worry about students, one lecturer even said about our final major project 'don't email me I have my own work to do'. Through this course we learnt ACHICAD which our major project was completed in and not one of our lecturers know the program so they couldn't help Us at all.. They were no help basically we taught ourselves, I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMEND THIS SCHOOL TO ANYONE!
I am taking a course in this school but having a very bad experience! They made me depressed and I lost all motivation to be a designer. Some of the course content are just plain wrong and some lecturers don't have an idea of what they are talking about. The level of students is low as well because they accept anyone who have the money. I'm bullied by the staff. Lecturers are unprofessional and the management did everything they can to defend them. I was accused of things that I've never done and being threatened by staff for ridiculous reasons. Beware of this school!!!
Have done the graphic design diploma and not happy- Don't trust them. The course is too basic and it will not teach you enough skills for a proper job. Always tells us to use google to search for web tutorials or examples, which is not ok when I am paying expensive fees. Unless you can't motivate yourself, you don't need this course.
I started a diploma in photoimaging. I never finished it because of the constant ongoing problems with their portal, non existent support, discouragement and apathy from teachers, lack of care from management, lack of interest and general poor organisational skills. I had 3 months of weekly trouble because of their online system. The distance subject I did required you to log in and ask for help if you had trouble. I had so much trouble with the system, so many students complained and I never got one phone call returned,never got one email replied to and when I complained it didn't make any difference. I also had to share the class with 17 year old who talked during class and spent the whole class time on Facebook. I also had a teacher discourage me from doing well by telling me my assignments were "too good" and to spend less time on them. A confusing, hurtful and stressful experience. It doesn't get a rating.
I graduated from the interior design diploma in 2011. The school was good in the first year of the course but the second year is just a rip off. Poor structure of lessons and poor career support.
Campus Locations
CATC Design School Brisbane Campus Campus
10 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
CATC Design School Sydney Campus Campus
Level 4, 1-5 Hickson Road, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW, 2000
CATC Design School Melbourne Campus Campus
595 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
CATC Design School Gold Coast Campus Campus
Level 2, 9 Bay Street, Southport, QLD, 4215